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Build your railway vehicle

Are business cycles causing bottlenecks in your staffing levels?
Does engineering contractor management eat up your resources?
Do you want to develop a vehicle platform?
Do you need to integrate new systems?

We develop railway vehicles. We also engineer parts of the vehicles, including the integration of components. From specifications, through concepts and design to verification and validation, we support you through the whole development process.

With the expertise of our electrical and mechanical engineers, we realize conceptual designs, assess risks, analyse the strength, simulate the running dynamics, draft manufacturing drawings, and calculate reliability and availability values of vehicles. Functional and safety engineering is part of the development process that produces a sound design for you.

We take on board entire product developments, production supervision and assist you with specialised engineering tasks.


  • Electrical & electronic engineering
  • Mechanical vehicle and systems engineering
  • Technical Documentation
  • RAMS & LCC
  • Test benches and facilities
  • Validation – Verification
  • Software
  • Vehicle Authorisation
  • Electrical & electronic engineering

    PROSE designs customised electronic devices. We define system requirements in line with your needs and standards such as EN 50129 and 50155. From system design to type testing, we generate a device that fully fits its purpose. We define HV / MV / LV / TCMS architectures, train networks and function allocation, and handle the integration design of all subsystems on board the train. We design on-board electrical systems and provide mechanical design support

    We offer the following services:

    • System analysis and design
    • Schematic design and electrical diagrams (HV-MV-LV)
    • Design of the printed-circuit board, subsystem and integration
    • Mechanical design and support integration
    • Electrical cabinet design
    • Firmware design
    • Prototyping
    • Functional test & commissioning

    Riccardo Loni

    Josef Kometer

  • Mechanical vehicle and systems engineering

    All starts with systems engineering and determines the mechanical design of safe vehicles. For vehicles to be built or modernised, we want to be your trusted partner throughout the entire development process, from conceptual to final design and during production.

    Our mechanical department specialises in all kinds of line-bound vehicles and offers engineering services for:

    • Development of vehicle-bodies, bogies and rolling stock components
    • Simulation of running dynamics, side wind stability, contact mechanics, and wheel-rail wear reduction
    • Stress and strength, crash, noise, and vibration analyses of rolling stock
    • Heat-transfer simulations and rolling stock fire safety

    Our systems engineering offers services for:

    • Integrating systems and components in railway vehicles
    • Brake calculations
    • Load assumptions using running dynamics simulations
    • Gauging and kinematic analyses
    • Aerodynamics

    We provide expert opinions in these fields and for accident investigations.

    Bastian Fischer

    Christoph Gyr

    Joakim Jahn

  • Technical Documentation

    We provide technical documentation expertise to rail and other public transportation. We are experts at explaining, structuring and visualizing, with a focus on delivering functional documentation such as manuals for operating and maintenance personnel.

    We offer the following services:

    • Technical Writing
    • Project Managing
    • Training Material
    • Translations
    • Information Analysis
    • Structured Information Management: methodology and tools
    • Consultancy and Procurement of Document Management
    • PRO(doc) – Customized Online Documentation Library (Read more about PRO(doc))

    Joakim Jahn

    Amanda Werner Nilsson

  • RAMS & LCC

    There is a growing need for techniques to improve reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, and to predict life cycle cost. You can rely on us to perform customised analyses in your best interest.

    We offer the following services:

    • Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS)
    • Life-cycle cost (LCC) analysis
    • Reliability growth programs

    Riccardo Loni

  • Test benches and facilities

    The reduction of the testing time for newly built vehicles is an important element for the reduction of delivery time and costs. To test modules of rail vehicles before assembling of the whole vehicle PROSE has developed, built and delivered several test benches for rail vehicles.

    We offer the following services:

    • Development of testing strategies
    • Creation of test protocols
    • Development of test benches according to customer requirements
    • Integration of test benches in existing test strategies
    • Software development for the test benches
    • Building and delivery of all needed components
    • Commissioning on site
    • Training of the test personnel
    • Maintenance of the test benches

    Josef Kometer

    Günther Amplatz

  • Validation – Verification

    We support you in verification and validation processes for both software and hardware. Our experts can either become an integral part of your own team or assume responsibility for the entire verification and validation process.

    We offer the following services:

    • Verification and validation plans
    • Verification and review of design documents
    • Software test and source code inspection
    • Functional validation & simulator development
    • Fault-injection test

    Riccardo Loni

    Banafsheh Madani

  • Software

    Our software services range from embedded software solutions to in-house designed software products, as well as support with generic software.

    We offer the following services:

    • Embedded software for safety-related systems
    • Embedded real-time software
    • Communication protocols and drivers
    • Railway application software
    • Simulators and automated test equipment
    • Offering in-house designed software products
    • Desktop applications
    • Data warehousing

      Riccardo Loni

      Josef Kometer

    • Vehicle Authorisation

      Managing vehicle authorisation requires the consideration of many national and international regulations. In an environment where regulations are continuously developing, it is necessary to be updated regarding requirements and processes. Ready to support you. We offer professional authorisation management support, either as a general contractor or as an integral part of your existing team.

      We offer the following services:

      • Authorisation strategy
      • Authorisation concept
      • Authorisation dossier
      • Responsibility and management of the entire authorisation process
      • Management of changes in simple and complex projects
      • Support in the handling ERA processes, such as One-Stop-Shop (OSS)

      Christoph Gyr

      Robert Sieglitz

      Stefan Bühler

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