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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Technical Documentation, Validation – Verification
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Expert opinion on carbody structures

Project tasks

Verification of

  • Design Concept and Philosophy
  • Carbody calculation specification
  • Carbody crash specification
  • Validation plan
  • Finite element descriptive document
  • Calculation results
  • Weldings

Our Approach

PROSE supported the established European rail vehicle manufacturer with reviews to ensure that the development of its carbody structures complies with all requirements (safety, durability, strength/rigidity) specified in the standards and is supplemented by customer requirements.

Two essential characteristics of carbody structure are crashworthiness and fatigue strength. To check these properties, design principles and calculation methods must be evaluated.

The evaluation focused on the customer’s stress report, which PROSE carefully checked. In addition to evidence of carbody straining by standardised loads, evidence of results from load scenarios in the end customer’s country is required. Such load scenarios are not directly defined in a standard but must be analysed. As this task is more complex, PROSE scrutinised this part of the report with particular attention.

Customer benefit

PROSE helped ensure the development of a cutting-edge aluminium carbody structure. The customer and the end customer highly valued its independent expert opinion as quality assurance.

With PROSE as an independent assessor, the customers had a further means of reducing design risks by using the expertise of PROSE’s seasoned engineers.



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