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Specifications for emission-free power supply for construction sites

Customer: SBB AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Review and evaluation of the requirements from the specification sheet
  • Discussion and agreement of the commented requirements in a workshop
  • Identification of the requirements that require a risk assessment
  • Creation of a risk assessment
  • Transfer of the requirements into a requirements management system (ReqSuite®)
  • Individual assessment and binding of the requirements

Our Approach

PROSE has drawn up a questionnaire based on these specifications in the sense of “Does a manufacturer have sufficient information? Are the requirements sufficient for the product to be used by SBB”. PROSE checked and evaluated the requirements from the existing specification. The annotated requirements specification was discussed and agreed upon together in a workshop and the requirements requiring a risk assessment were identified. Subsequently, a risk assessment was prepared. The requirements were transferred from the developed basis into a requirements management system (ReqSuite®). The requirements were evaluated individually and given a binding nature in order to evaluate offers received in the subsequent call for tenders.

The requirements specification was then converted into a format that SBB could import into its requirements management system (Polarion®).

Customer benefit

The client received a specification sheet with comments and a supporting questionnaire that allowed him to formulate the requirements more precisely and comprehensibly. Testing, evaluation and identification of requirements that require risk consideration contribute to quality assurance and minimise potential risks in the project. The risk consideration and the binding nature of the requirements enable better preparation for the tender, which improves the quality of the incoming offers. The conversion of the requirements specification into a compatible format for SBB’s requirements management system ensures a smooth integration and use of the requirements by the customer.


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