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Electrial & electronic engineering, Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Procurement Management, Validation – Verification
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Vehicle procurement – Manufacturing Supervision, Quality Control and Factory Tests

Customer: various customer

Project tasks

  • Acceptance of the welded car bodies / bogie frames
  • Paint inspection and acceptance
  • Intermediate acceptance of main electrical components
  • Intermediate acceptance of interior fittings
  • Factory acceptance/customer acceptance

Our Approach

By regular participation in the vehicle acceptance tests and constant coordination with the team of the vehicle manufacturer, PROSE checks the quality of the production. The customer is permanently kept up to date by the acceptance team regarding the progress of the production as well as possible complications or deadline postponements. He immediately receives the results of the production controls and acceptances and can follow up changes, modifications etc.

The dates for the acceptance of components, intermediate assembly stands and vehicles ready for delivery follow the production plan but are also handled operationally and flexibly in order to be able to react to specific occasions. In this way, control of the construction process is always ensured and there is the possibility of intervention in the event of difficulties such as quality slumps, scheduling, supply, or capacity problems.

Customer benefit

With manufacturing supervision, the manufacturer’s quality assurance process is checked and monitored in addition to the product quality, because every vehicle has gone through this process before it is presented for factory acceptance. Continuous construction supervision ensures consistent quality at a high level.


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