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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Project Management, Troubleshooting, Validation – Verification
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Gearbox investigation on vehicles

Project tasks

  • Project management
  • Create a feasibility study
  • Test proposals based on the preliminary study
  • Evaluation from tests
  • Recommendations

Our Approach

The feasibility study involved testing the sealing proposals recommended by PROSE on two different gearboxes of the vehicle. One gearbox was found to have a minor leakage, while the second gearbox showed similar levels of leakage as before, despite the use of a sealing compound and a regular O-seal. These tests helped to evaluate the effectiveness of the various proposed sealing methods and provided valuable data for the further development of the solutions.

Customer benefit

​Based on the results of the tests, PROSE can now make specific recommendations for further steps. PROSE, therefore, recommends that the next step is to test the X-seal and simultaneously apply two lines of sealant to the motor output shaft. This recommendation is based on the observed performance of the tested seal variants and aims to develop a more robust solution to prevent oil leakage. This strategic approach allows the customer to make targeted adjustments and improvements to resolve the problem in the long term and improve the operational reliability and service life of the gearbox.



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