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Fire Safety Assessment and Consulting

Project tasks

  • Consultancy
  • Development and creation of fire protection concepts
  • Development and creation of evacuation concepts
  • Analyses of fire protection requirements
  • Compilation of required fire protection test reports
  • Communication with authorities, manufacturers and testing laboratories
  • Integration of fire safety systems
  • Preparation of approval documents relevant to fire protection

Our Approach

PROSE analyses the given situation and develops solutions that meet the applicable fire protection requirements. To this end, PROSE advises the customer and identifies various solutions in order to find an efficient way of achieving the required fire protection for railway vehicles in accordance with EN 45545. Our experts calculate the thermal load of the vehicle during the design and propose measures for its reduction.

Customer benefit

The customer benefits from our many years of experience in the field of fire protection for all types of rail vehicles in accordance with EN 45545, including not only advice but also the creation of concepts, the preparation of the necessary fire protection certificates, contact with manufacturers of fire protection-compliant components and communication with approval authorities. The aim is to place fire protection suitable vehicles into service.

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