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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Procurement Management, Project Management, Technical Documentation, Vehicle Authorisation
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Development of suspended monorail vehicles

Customer: Kiepe Electric GmbH, Germany

Project tasks

  • Mechanical design of carbody, vehicle interior and running gear
  • Mechanical system integration
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Homologation management

Our Approach

In order to overcome the first challenge of creating the optimized vehicle for this particular application, PROSE developed a vehicle body that is constructed from aluminium extrusion profiles.
Moreover, the continuous low floor and wide-opening doors guarantee efficient passenger flow. The new vehicles for the Wuppertal suspension railway also offer high driver comfort.

Customer benefit

Given PROSE’s extensive experience in developing mainstream and special projects of all kinds, PROSE’s development team was able to successfully meet Kiepe Electric GmbH’s expectations. Furthermore, PROSE’s intercultural experience and capabilities are highly appreciated, playing a fundamental catalyst role in the current manufacture of the vehicles in Austria, Germany and


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