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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Modernisation, Technical Documentation, Test benches & facilities
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Mechanical design and system integration

Customer: Various customers

Project tasks

  • Development projects:
    • Complete bogie design according to EN 15085
    • Complete car body design according to EN 15085
    • Interior and layout design
    • System integration (e.g. doors, brake system, HVAC, coupler etc.)
  • Vehicle modernisation projects:
    • Interior design
    • Layout concepts
    • System integration (e.g. ATC, infotainment system, magnetic rail brake, air conditioning system etc.)
  • Niche development projects (e.g. gauge changing and rack railway bogie, people mover or magnetic levitation systems etc.)
  • Structural bonding & welding competences:
    • Bonding according to DIN 6701-3 (A1) / EN 17460
    • Welding according to EN 15085-2 (CL 1)

Our Approach

Our focus is on the manufacturability and maintainability of a vehicle. We offer thought-through solutions in all our de-signs. We remain in direct exchange with our customer to ensure that the design process can be finished in a short time.

Customer benefit

With 3D model views we give visual answers to your ideas or thoughts. We have an agile way of working and can ensure that your feedback is shaping the visual idea and helping to complete it. Already in an early stage of the design process, the PROSE designer team ensures that the concept design is feasible. Our flexibility makes us respond to your requests at very short notice. We offer the complete batch of documentation for procurement and manufacturing.


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