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Wheelset torsional vibration

Customer: Various customers

Project tasks

  • Basic assessment of the vehicle’s wheelset torsional dynamics
  • Analytical estimation for dimensioning the wheelset shaft and, if necessary, other components
  • Multibody simulations for a more detailed analysis for optimization
  • Consulting and support for homologation measurements and support for documentation for homologation.

Our Approach

PROSE accompanies the entire, or single sections of the process chain, from the pre-design of the wheelset shaft over the optimization of the mechanical components up to the execution
of the homologation measurements for the determination of the maximum, dynamic torsional moment. By means of analytical and conceptual investigations, a fundamental assessment of the wheelset torsional dynamics of the vehicle is already carried out in advance, taking into account the dimensioning of the wheelset, the powertrain configuration and drive systems. Based on the preliminary investigations, in-depth analyses are carried out in consultation with the customer using multibody simulation models. On the one hand, these investigations limit
the maximum dynamic torsional moment to be expected, indicate the component loads to be expected and, at the same time, describe other dynamic properties of the driveline. Considering the existing driveline configuration, its design properties are optimized in such a way that the mechanical damping of the first torsional eigenmode of the wheelset is increased, thereby reducing the maximum dynamic torsional moment. The results of the analyses provide relevant information for the system analysis required for certification, which describes the wheelset torsional dynamics of the vehicle. In addition, the analyses are used to determine the vehicle configurations critical for planning and performing the homologation measurements. Finally, the maximum dynamic torsional moment is determined with metrological tests on the vehicle.

Customer benefit

The analyses carried out help the customer to minimize risks in the approval of the wheelsets. The preliminary investigations enable realistic time and cost planning up to the approval of
the wheelsets. The in-depth analyses and component optimizations reduce the stresses caused by torsional vibrations and prevent damage to safety-relevant components during operation. Finally, the identification of critical operating conditions significantly reduces and secures the scope of the homologation measurement.


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