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Validation – Verification, Vehicle Authorisation
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Expert report on metre-gauge flat wagons with cogwheel brake

Customer: PVF Trade, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Project tasks

  • Project management
  • Definition and procurement of input data
  • Review and appraisal of all input documents
  • Preparation of expert report

Our Approach

PROSE was commissioned by the company PVF Trade, s.r.o., to prepare an expert test report (SV report) on the test report of suspension tests of the vehicle “four-axle service – flat wagon 1000mm track with cogwheel brake”.

The report is intended to provide information on the compliance of the brake tests according to the test report “Flat wagon with toothed wheel brake suspension tests” with the provisions of the AB-EBV and their fulfilment.

All documents submitted were checked for completeness and plausibility. The check was carried out against all relevant requirements from the FOT guidelines AB-EBV.

In the event of inconsistencies and/or missing information, these were requested from the client or other project partners. On this basis, a final expert report was prepared and submitted to the client.

Customer benefit

​PROSE’s prompt preparation of the expert report guarantees a smooth and rapid handling of the authorisation procedure. The intensive review of the documents provided ensures that the report meets the highest quality standards and that the vehicle is guaranteed to operate safely. The intensive project supervision by the PROSE expert regarding adjustments and requirements for the documentation with all project partners relieves the customer of this organisational work and ensures rapid and high-quality processing.



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