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Bogie engineering in Finland

Customer: Transtech Oy, Finland

Project tasks

  • Design and development of the bogie
  • Running gear design
  • Structural analysis
  • Simulation and analysis of running behaviour
  • Infrastructure test of structural stability and durability, and of load distribution
  • Detailed design for manufacturing

Our Approach

In this project, PROSE provided a full range of engineering services, including running-gear design for the whole vehicle, calculation of structural strength and durability, and detailed design. Simulation and analysis of running behaviour and measurements on Helsinki tram lines yielded important information on structural stability and durability and on load distribution.

Customer benefit

The result of the eight-month development period for the customer is a compact and robust powered bogie that is specifically suited to both Helsinki’s weather and the tram’s low-floor concept. In this process, the customer was able to concentrate fully on their core expertise, manufacturing, while PROSE took charge of developing all necessary documentation. As a corporately independent service provider, PROSE offered the customer system-oriented skills for the full life cycle of a rail vehicle.

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