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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Project Management
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Welding drawings and calculations for repairing Magnetic Brakes

Project tasks

  • Scanning of specific parts
  • Drafting welding drawings
  • Performing design calculations
  • Clarifying questions about the deformed magnetic brake
  • Project management

Our Approach

PROSE used precise scans of the magnetic rail brakes to create customised welding drawings and detailed documentation for their repair. This work included the development of technical drawings and calculation documents tailored to the specific requirements of the brakes. Our approach ensured that the repairs met the highest safety standards and could be carried out efficiently. By providing comprehensive guidance for the welding work, we ensured our customer could perform the necessary repairs accurately. Our commitment to quality and technical excellence enabled a sustainable solution to restore the functionality and safety of the magnetic rail brakes.

Customer benefit

With the welding drawings supplied by PROSE, the customer is now able to repair deformations on magnetic rail brakes accurately and efficiently. These customised drawings enable the customer’s team to carry out accurate repairs that restore the brakes’ performance and safety. The direct benefits to the customer include significantly reduced downtime, cost savings through in-house repair capability, and extending the life of critical brake system components. These customised solutions ensure that the magnetic brakes maintain their essential function in the safety and efficiency of rail transport.


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