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Gauging Analysis with PROSE – Safety and efficiency in rail vehicle technology


At PROSE, we set standards in the rail industry by working closely with our customers to precisely define necessary gauging analysis requirements and develop specialised proofing concepts. From the initial idea to the final evidence documentation, we work together to define the project objectives and develop a customised processing concept.  

Our range of services covers a broad spectrum regarding gauging: from carrying out simple delta analysis to complex dynamic methods with highly developed simulation tools such as cMotion. We offer classic kinematic gauging calculations, gauging demand calculations for LRV’s, validations by simulation or measurements and more – everything to meet your requirements.  

The benefits for our customers are at the centre of our work. Thanks to the in-depth expertise of our team, we identify the optimal approach for each challenge, minimise potential risks and offer solutions to problems that have already arisen. We emphasise independence, accuracy and efficiency to reduce technical and commercial risks at all stages – from development to approval and operation.  

With PROSE at your side, you can ensure that your rail vehicle project not only complies with current standards, but is also future-proof. We are your partner for advanced and safe solutions in rail vehicle technology.

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