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Ever wondered what goes on beneath the surface of major railway projects?


Last week, we got the chance to find out firsthand during the DAL Rail Conference’s guided tour of “Stuttgart 21”!

Here are three insights from the tour:

  1. Seeing how Stuttgart 21 connects trains and cities highlighted the importance of integrated urban development in transportation systems. This project seamlessly integrates rail, urban spaces, and environmental considerations, showing the way for sustainable city growth.
  2. We were amazed by the cutting-edge technologies driving the project forward. From groundbreaking tunneling methods to futuristic signaling systems, embracing these advancements is crucial for shaping the future of mobility.
  3. By seamlessly connecting major cities and regions, we can unlock new opportunities for businesses and individuals, while reducing carbon footprint.

At PROSE, we believe all of the above is a big part of shaping tomorrow’s mobility. We are eager to provide you, and our society, with reliable customised solutions.

Join us on the journey: Contact us to see how we can support you!



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