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Project Management, Signalling, Strategy support
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Development of rail operation and technology strategy 2050

Customer: Rhätische Bahn AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Strategy development
  • Analysis and conception
  • Stakeholder management & methodology
  • Project management, incl. Stakeholders, Communication and Change-Management

Our Approach

Due to the technology’s long life cycle and high investment volume, investments in railway technology require a comprehensible focus and demonstrable benefits. In collaboration with the RhB specialists, PROSE developed an operational target picture and operational use cases for the year 2050 based on the identified challenges of daily operations. Based on this target picture, the benefits created by technology and target systems are clearly identified, and the technology strategy can be aligned with the fulfilment of the target picture.

Based on the operational target picture, the ACTUAL system architecture and the known life cycles were recorded with the RhB experts. Based on the information on the current situation, PROSE was able to develop a proposal for the TARGET system architecture, including migration planning and implementation concepts.

With the help of modern methods and targeted workshops, PROSE and RhB achieved the project goal in a very short time and presented the first results to the strategic steering committee.

Customer benefit

RhB benefited from the PROSE experts’ overall system knowledge and technical expertise in railway operations & automation. In combination with the methodical and analytical approach of the PROSE project team, RhB was able to develop and discuss initial approaches for the implementation of the strategy across all areas. This includes, for example, a migration map with the life cycle of systems and vehicles to identify possible migration windows for the systems, the visualisation of the operational target processes with the target degree of automation and possible implementation variants on the RhB route network.


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