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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Modernisation, Vehicle Authorisation
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Gauging analysis

Project tasks

  • Gauging analysis of railway vehicles according to EN 15273
  • Gauging analysis of vehicles according to BOStrab
  • Calculation with special simulation programs cMotion or DIMA
  • Simulation of complex articulated vehicles, e.g. light rail vehicles
  • Consideration of national requirements (e.g. EBO resp. BOStrab in Germany or AB-EBV in Switzerland, etc.)
  • Consideration of requirements from network accesses (e.g. SBB I-20030 in Switzerland)
  • Gauging analysis of narrow-gauge vehicles according to AB-EBV
  • Analysis of special vehicles (e.g. suspended railways)

Our Approach

At first a verification concept is developed based on the customer’s specifications as well as requirements from infrastructure and standards. This can include the following, depending on the specific task:

  • Simple delta analysis (e.g. design adaptions or interoperability concerns)
  • Regular construction gauge calculation with static or kinematic methods
  • Calculation of gauging demand by means of accumulation of critical positions of the bogies in the track gauge, design tolerances, plays, etc. with distinction of random and non-random contributions
  • Simulations by means of the tool cMotion to model arbitrary vehicle configurations and track routing
  • Application of dynamic methods supported by simulations (e.g. swinging characteristics for suspended railways)
  • Development assisting analysis with continuous assessment and consulting
  • Validation via simulation or measurement (e.g. multi-body simulation or field test runs with attached blocks)
  • Compilation of input data, procedure and results to a report, ready to be submitted to Technical Authorities

Customer benefit

Due to the wide range of available methods and the long-standing expertise of the PROSE-experts arbitrary vehicles and requirements can be investigated. Potential problems will be anticipated and prevented. Manifested problems can be furthermore solved by experts of other disciplines. Additionally, a special focus on efficiency lies in our DNA as a service provider. Combined with a tailor-made concept for the customer and project this overall ensures that technical risks in development, homologation and operation as well as commercial overall efforts will be minimized.

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