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Ad interim locomotive fleet manager

Customer: SBB Cargo, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • ​ECM Migration
  • ANSF Approval Re484
  • Re484 Analysis power converter, compressor, emergency stop
  • Planning R2 Re484
  • Planning R2 Re474
  • Midlife measures Re482
  • Technical Mentoring Obsolescence Manager: Competence Matrix ECM2
  • Leadership Coaching ECM2 Manager: White paper and concept for Life Extension Re620

Our Approach

In addition to ensuring operational safety within the framework of the ECM2 function compared to the upstream and downstream ECM functions, PROSE took care of the sustainable improvement of the availability of the new fleet. The integration of PROSE experts in technical questions considerably increased the expertise available on site.​

Customer benefit

With this ad interim solution, the customer SBB Cargo received a flexibly deployable expertise with broad technical support from PROSE, who quickly and filled this specific personnel assignment. In addition to the operational security function within the framework of ECM2, this solution provided increased benefits in terms of availability, development and regulations. In addition, PROSE led the newly appointed obsolescence manager in the establishment of the competence matrix of the ECM2 team for the auditcapable mapping of competence management within the framework of technical mentoring.

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