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Leadership Coaching ECM2 Manager for life cycle extension locomotive Re620

Customer: SBB Cargo, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Review of contents Re620
  • Technical Mentoring old Locomotives Fleet Manager
  •  Leadership Coaching ECM2-Manager in Conceptualisation

Our approach

PROSE developed a three-stage concept as part of a professional coaching phase for the current ECM2 manager of SBB Cargo; taking into account the stabilisation of reliability and availability up to 2035 at the level of 2020 and the completion of revision R2 with a defined content, a planned annual mileage up to End of Life (EoL) of 120 thousand kilometres p.a. or 1.8 million km and a removal of the separation between light (SBB Cargo) and heavy maintenance (SBB-P, Bellinzona industrial plant), which had arisen as a result of the organisational split-up within the SBB Group.

Customer benefit

This concept gave SBB Cargo a sustainable opportunity to operate the strategically important Re6/6 fleet for a further fifteen years. The current ECM2 manager received management coaching at the appropriate level for the conception of a fifteen-year life extension for the Re620 (SLM) old locomotive from the 1970s.


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