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Assessment of unusal rail damages

Customer: Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB), Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Assessment on site: on site inspection of known danger spots, report and findings
  • Immediate assessment of the operational risk: findings, recommendations and room for maneuver
  • Management summary: short-term operational measures and long-term strategic scope
  • Preparation of the press release

Our Approach

On the advice of PROSE, BVB set up a working group on this subject and recommended a shortterm reduction in speed, and launched an investigation to understand the safety relevance of each problem identified. PROSE found no operational risk from the maintenance backlog for BVB during the maintenance of the vehicle fleet. As a result, an immediate shut-down of tram operation in Basel was averted.

Customer benefit

The causes of the unusual damage have already been solved since September 2018. After this, no more extraordinary damage has occurred to the tracks.

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