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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering
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Simulation of derailment safety for an innovative tramway vehicle

Customer: Traila, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Checking and compilation of the modeling parameters
  • Checking the implementation of the boundary conditions in the simulation environment
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Expert support and access to leading industry knowledge
  • Key supporter of technology development

Our Approach

Traila requested the support of PROSE to validate their simulation concepts and testing scenarios using the industry standard SIMPACK. In addition, PROSE was requested to validate the derailment safety analysis needed to successfully operate a test tram on the VBZ network. Traila developed a Matlab-based simulation model using Simscape MBD for system integration analysis purposes, as standard and detailed wheel-rail contact models for their application were not available at the time. Traila continues to invest in their simulation capabilities, to support the extensive development of the Traila technology.

Customer benefit

“Due to the extensive experience of the experts at PROSE with MBD modeling of rail vehicles, Traila was able to perform the derailment safety verification quickly, efficiently and successfully,” according to Dr. Tom Morris CEO of Traila. “Additionally, PROSE was quick to react and provide support when we needed it.”

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