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Strength verification of bonded joints IC Bt

Customer: SBB, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • 3D FE modelling
  • Derivation of loads
  • Definition of load cases
  • Evaluation of load cases
  • Verification report
  • Adhesive drawings

Our Approach

For the following connections, bonding proofs were developed on the basis of FEM calculations:

  • Car body structure – front cabin
  • Front cabin – front window
  • Front cabin – side window
  • Front cabin – rear view mirror
  • Front cabin – headlights
  • Front cabin – handle

PROSE prepared the strength verifications and adhesive drawings of the A1 bonding’s according to DIN 6701. In advance, the loads were determined according to EN 14067-5 and the load cases were defined according to EN 12663. Afterwards, the relevant load cases were evaluated and documented in the report.

Customer benefit

PROSE’s experience and certification in accordance with “DIN 6701, bonding of rail vehicles”, helps the customer to able to complete the verification dossier and thus obtain flawless re-registration of the vehicle.


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