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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Validation – Verification, Vehicle Authorisation
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Implementation of the approval project for lifting platforms used on tunnel maintenance vehicles

Customer: SBB Infrastructure, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Homologation management
  • Risk analysis on system level
  • Verification of stability by calculation
  • Verification of occupational safety, railroad safety

Our Approach

In a first phase, the basics for approval had to be elaborated for the two applications. Then, the feasibility was evaluated concluding a proof of stability, but also regarding commercial aspects. The necessary measures were derived here after to ensure safe operation. This report was discussed with the customer and the responsible authority (FOT).  In the second phase, the customer implemented the measures, PROSE controlled this implementation and prepared an evidence report.

Customer benefit

With the practical knowledge of the involved persons from SBB and PROSE, simple, cost-effective and practicable measures could be realized. The step by step process lead to legal certainty without investment before it was clear, that the project will reach its objective. By considering worker’s safety from the very beginning, the approval process could be simplified. Thus, no separate approval with a second approval authority was necessary, reducing time and costs as well as the related approval risk.

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