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Finite element analysis and strength verification for folding seats in the AS coach

Customer: FAINSA, Spain

Project tasks

  • Strength calculation of the folding seats
  • Proposals for optimisation and recalculation of the design
  • Final verification calculation with final report

Our Approach

In order to be able to implement the project, CAD 3D models of three seat types were provided by the customer. The models were read into the FEA software by PROSE and analysed. Based on the results and in close cooperation with the customer, various optimisations of the designs were made. These optimisations were recalculated and, if necessary, further improved in the construction. After the optimised designs met the requirements of UIC566, a final report could be prepared with the proof of strength requested by SBB. This report was required as an initial type test document and also served the end customer as a verification document for the seats in order to obtain approval for the passenger coaches.

Customer benefit

Our engineering services provide the customer with optimised seat designs whose strength can be verified. The knowledge of the approval processes and the end customer-specific requirements enable PROSE to create “approval-proof” documents that can be accepted by the end customer. Our knowledge of local conditions and experience as an internationally active company enables us to build a technical and formal bridge between the seat supplier and the end customer.

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