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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Modernisation, Validation – Verification
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Brake and thermal calculation locomotive Aaem841

Customer: Müller Technologie AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Define and obtain input data
  • Brake calculation in TrainBrac
  • Thermal calculation in ANSYS
  • Specification and selection matrix for brake blocks

Our Approach

PROSE defines and procures the input data based on the relevant standards, which are required for the approval of the vehicle. Subsequently, the calculations were carried out and optimized so that the defined requirements were met. For this purpose, a brake calculation in TrainBrac was created in close coordination with the customer, as well as a thermal brake calculation in ANSYS, in order to prove the performance of the brake.  PROSE also contacted various brake block suppliers for possible linings on the basis of the specifications and calculation results and prepared a selection and decision matrix for Müller Technologie AG, including recommendations for the selection of a suitable lining.

Customer benefit

Thanks to PROSE’s expertise in this field, the customer receives documents to prove the performance of the modernised brake, which comply with the relevant standards and can thus be submitted 1:1 to the assessor/expert to achieve approval. Furthermore, the specification and pre-evaluation of the brake blocks material with decision support enables an efficient enquiry of possible suppliers.

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