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Procurement Management, Strategy support
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Feasibility study for passenger cars with standardized length and fleet-wide introduction of an automatic coupling system

Customer: Rhätische Bahn, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Strategy support
  • Gauging analysis
  • Independent second opinion​

Our Approach

The space requirements of the various vehicles (main network cars, Bernina cars) on the corresponding routes were determined and compared by means of gauging analysis. In a second step, the general introduction of the automatic coupler was analyzed. For this purpose, PROSE carried out a product analysis of the common coupling systems and contacted different railway operators to contribute their experiences.

Customer benefit

The knowledge shown by PROSE regarding the length of the car body and the automatic coupler enables the Rhätische Bahn to proceed with its next procurement and to make the necessary decisions. PROSE was able to bring in its own independent view on the facts and thus to help the Rhätische Bahn to a well-founded decision-making.

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