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Validation – Verification, Vehicle Authorisation
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Expert report on running dynamics of an Atlas road-railexcavator

Customer: Atlas GmbH, Germany

Project tasks

  • Structuring of approval requirements and proofs
  • One-time monitoring of tests for the first vehicle variant
  • Expert assessment for the approval of the road-rail-excavation according to §32 EBO in Germany (running dynamics incl. safety against derailment and stability criteria)

Our Approach

PROSE has developed the verification concept together with the manufacturer, witnessed some selected type tests and prepared the expert report based on the basis of the reports on calculations and tests provided.

Customer benefit

The wide experience of the experts at PROSE leads to an optimal definition of processes and requirements from the beginning. The active process design leads to a solid and target-oriented verification process involving authorities, manufacturers, test centers and other third parties. The customers also appreciate the quick feedback on the submitted documents and, in case of problems, the support in finding solutions.


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