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Support for the approval of an automatic coupler

Customer: SBB Cargo, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Analysis and description of the modifications
  • Formulation of the proposed modifications
  • Classification of the modifications and associated risks in accordance with RTE 49100
  • Preparation of an approval concept
  • Preparation of the documents to be presented to the FOT
  • Integration of FOT’s comments into the approval concept

Our Approach

PROSE managed the homologation process and supported the coordination between SBB Cargo and the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) to achieve the approval for the automatic coupler for commercial operation.

Customer benefit

The customer gains an overview of the valid regulations to be considered for the approval process with the FOT. Consequently, the authorities received a fast processing time and later the customer a lean, efficient verification and issue of the operating approval. PROSE has made a valuable, risk-minimising contribution to the “automatic couplers” project which is essential for the success of the strategic automation programme.

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