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Definition of requirements for a company vehicle

Customer: Forchbahn AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Development of an evaluation matrix based on the needs of the individual user groups.
  • Determine which requirements should be included in the procurement of the company vehicle.
  • Carrying out a utility value analysis on the basis of the evaluated requirements
  • Development of a vehicle concept
  • Determination of risk-reducing measures for the following phases of the tendering process

Our Approach

PROSE develops an evaluation matrix based on the needs of the individual user groups to determine which requirements are included in the procurement of the service vehicle. Based on the evaluated requirements and a resulting utility analysis, PROSE develops a vehicle concept that reflects an optimal deployment concept for the user groups (maintenance, preservation and infrastructure). In addition, further risk-reducing measures for the tender were defined for the following phases.

Customer benefit

The needs of the user groups were translated into precise requirements, which ensures that the service vehicle meets the requirements exactly. The requirements were assessed to determine their relevance and priority, which allows for better planning. The vehicle concept created describes the desired vehicle in all essential operational and technical aspects, ensuring consistency and unambiguity. The vehicle concept reflects an optimal application concept for the different user groups, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction. The defined risk mitigating measures in preparation for the tender contribute to minimising potential problems.


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