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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Project Management, Validation – Verification
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Inspection and assessment of carbody, cracks and corrosion

Project tasks

  • Project management
  • Planning of the project
  • Inspections
  • Establishing an assessment report

Our Approach

As part of the project implementation, PROSE AB carried out thorough inspections on all 9 X60A vehicles to ensure their structural integrity. This was carried out with visual inspections of the vehicle frames and bodies to identify visible damage. This meticulous approach made it possible to precisely document every potential weak point, which allowed targeted planning for necessary repair work. Through the comprehensive inspection and documentation, PROSE AB ensured that all vehicles’ safety and quality requirements were met, improving their operational safety and longevity.

Customer benefit

​By providing nine detailed inspection reports, one for each vehicle, the customer benefited from a comprehensive and accurate overview of the condition of their vehicle fleet. The individual reports provide an accurate assessment of each vehicle’s condition and maintenance needs. This structured and detailed documentation enables the customer to make informed decisions about necessary maintenance and repair measures, helps to optimise operational safety and supports effective resource planning. The reporting thus increases transparency and facilitates strategic planning for the long-term maintenance of the vehicle fleet.



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