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Exploring Apple Vision Pro and Almer Arc 2 at the PROSE Office in Bern!


Our partners at Augment IT AG gave us a look at the Apple Vision Pro and the Almer Arc 2 (, the next-gen XR devices that are taking mixed reality to new heights.

Our experience with the HoloLens2 has already demonstrated the enormous potential of XR technology in improving our services. However, the Apple Vision Pro has exceeded our expectations. The seamless interaction and the superior quality of holograms are truly remarkable. XR technology is not merely evolving; it’s transforming the way we work and engage with digital content. We’re excited about the opportunities this opens for the railway industry and the advancements it brings to our services. ✨

Big thank you to Augment IT AG for this experience! The Apple Vision Pro and the Almer Arc 2 are a testament to the continuous evolution of technology and its potential impact on our industry.

Are you interested in learning how we leverage mixed reality in our services or how you could benefit from this technology? Don’t hesitate to contact us

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