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Support with Assembly Line Layout – PRIMA Mid-Life Overhaul

Customer: AKIEM, France

Project tasks

  • Project Management
  • Concept & Development
  • Workshop Layout
  • Industrial engineering of mid-life overhaul of railway equipment

Our Approach

Akiem decided to transfer production to an industrial partner during the construction and commissioning of Akiem Technik’s site in Ostricourt as part of the PRIMA Mid-Life Overhaul (MLO) project. It is important that Akiem has an efficient industrial production facility in order to be able to ramp up production of mid-life operations on PRIMA locomotives in 2023 at the earliest. It is, therefore, necessary to set up an effective industrial production in the partner’s workshops.

We provided Akiem with our expertise and knowledge of workshop layout, and made sure they had the support needed at every stage of the process. The aim was to define all the production resources required for this modernisation project, and to ensure that the customer met their production rate targets. Keeping efficiency in the workshops and delivering productive solutions.

Customer benefit

PROSE has a long experience in assisting realisation and implementation of industrial layouts in the context of mid-life overhaul of rail vehicles. We can ensure the optimised flow of vehicles by developing the workload plan per workstation and the balancing of the workstations. The supply chain aspect and the management of logistics flows are integrated into the overall study. Making sure our customers get the best solution possible.



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