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Modernisation, Procurement Management, Project Management, Vehicle Authorisation
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Assistance to the project owner for the renewal of contracts for the regional interurban public transport network

Customer: Région SUD , France

Project tasks

  • Project management
  • Provision of techno-commercial advice

Our Approach

Background: In the context of the evolution of the future scope of scheduled services, and considering the adoption of the Law of 24 December 2019, “Orientations des Mobilités”, the Transport Organizing Authority (AOT), the Southern Region defines its service offering.
The Region needed to strengthen these capacities in the face of the procedures for renewing contracts for the regional interurban public transport network in the Alpes de Haute-Provence region and the reorganisation of the Regional Express Lines in the areas concerned.

Approach: PROSE joined forces as a consortium to respond to this call for tenders. The consortium, led by the company Trans-missions, is made up of PROSE for its expertise in rolling stock, but also Tractebel for the infrastructure part.

Customer benefit

PROSE is supporting the South Region in the preparation, development and negotiation of a new operating agreement with SNCF Voyageurs. Our profound expertise in rolling stock empowers us to provide valuable advice for enhancing the terms of the operational monitoring contract. We focus on critical aspects such as reliability clauses, availability assurances, and proactive obsolescence monitoring. In the field of maintenance, PROSE’s expertise is made available for an accurate assessment of the advertised costs.

In the pursuit of the opening of regional passenger rail lines to competition, PROSE provides technical assistance on the new calls for tenders to come., Our technical expertise is poised to address critical areas, including:

  • ERTMS installation
  • Rolling stock maintenance
  • Sustainable development
  • Technical sizing of maintenance and siding sites, etc.



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