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Procurement Management
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Support of the project management in the procurement management for interregional rolling stock

Customer: zb Zentralbahn AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Project management of the buying process of the new rolling stock
  • Consideration of the client-specific requirements regarding marketing, finances, technique and company
  • External project management with PROSE acting as an agency

Our Approach

PROSE acted as an expert regarding the bogies and the technical documentation. Our experts were at customer ZB’s disposal to solve open issues, such as technical issues and the correct reference to pertinent standards, while ZB drafted procurement specifications. The service was rendered in close collaboration with ZB’s project management, which enabled receiving technical advice from PROSE within the tight project schedule.

Customer benefit

Cost-effective supply, operation and maintenance of the required rolling stock on the basis of clearly defined, contractual terms. Increased attractiveness due to a client-friendly utilization concept with a high availability.


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