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Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Technical Documentation, Training, Troubleshooting, Validation – Verification, Vehicle Authorisation
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Running dynamics analysis of rail vehicles (MBS simulation)

Customer: various customers

Project tasks

  • New vehicle developments:
    Feasibility clarification, risk hedging (failure conditions) and support of concept finding through computational evidence.
  • Vehicle approval:
    Simulation calculation for proof of fitness for running certificate, simulation and calculations for extension of approvals, simulation for determining vehicle prices in the train-path pricing system.
  • Problem solving in operation:
    Cause clarification after derailment, computational validation of potential changes, analysis of conspicuous wear phenomena, wheel rail interface study.
  • Special operational conditions:
    Pushing/pulling of inoperable multiple units, propelling tests
  • Wheel set torsional vibrations (rolling)
  • Special applications such as gauge change bogies, maglev or (suspended) monorails

Our Approach

PROSE covers the entire range of simulation, from the definition of the simulation task and boundary conditions of the system to the compilation of the required model parameters, model building, efficient execution of the simulations and evaluation of the results. Due to its many years of experience, PROSE is able to estimate parameters in a qualified manner that are difficult to determine and to select the appropriate modelling depth for the respective problem. The commercial software system SIMPACK as well as special applications developed in-house are available for the simulation calculations. Depending on the customer’s requirements, PROSE carries out analyses during the design process in the own development team or works directly with the customer’s team. PROSE also contributes interdisciplinary know-how in non-railway-specific problems.

Customer benefit

Qualified simulation calculations reduce the development risk or help to solve problems that have occurred. In addition to a qualified calculation, PROSE attaches great importance to the interpretation and presentation of the results required by the customer, including explanations and, if necessary, documentation relevant to homologation. Furthermore, PROSE also takes over the coaching of simulation processes and supports customers as a neutral consultant. Due to its great flexibility, PROSE can respond to customer requests at very short notice.


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