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Procurement Management, Strategy support
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Conceptualisation of a meter gauge vehicle platform

Customer: Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn, Rhätische Bahn AG, zb Zentralbahn AG, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Screening of inventory documentation
  • Development of an evaluation matrix
  • Realization of workshops
  • Evaluation of the requirements
  • Development of a vehicle concept

Our Approach

PROSE analyzed the existing documentation of the MGB, the RhB and the zb and compared them in a jointly defined depth and structure to be developed together. Further PROSE captured the vision of the future of the three operators in the four topics: 1. market, 2. operation and production, 3. technology and 4. infrastructure, as well as the classification for each topic.

Customer benefit

The joint achievement of the objectives of the “analysis” phase represents an important milestone for the project partners (MGB, RhB, zb) in defining the strategic direction of the next project phase, in which the upcoming vehicle procurement by means of a call for tenders in accordance with BöB/VöV is located.


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