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Electrial & electronic engineering, Mechanical vehicle & systems engineering, Project Management
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Managing system and electrical engineering for a tramway

Project tasks

  • Project management
  • System engineering
  • Electrical engineering

Our Approach

Managing the systems engineering of tramways demands a methodological and detail-oriented approach. Bearing the technical responsibility for systems and electrical engineering in the new rail vehicles, our approach is characterised by precision, innovation, and meticulous attention to every intricate detail. We ensure that every aspect aligns with the highest industry standards.

Customer benefit

Our commitment to overseeing tramway systems engineering delivers tangible benefits to our customers. By assuming comprehensive technical responsibility for the systems and electrical engineering of the new rail vehicles, along with substantial involvement in their development, we guarantee a product of unmatched quality. For the vehicles, this translates into enhanced reliability, operational efficiency, and cutting-edge innovation, where our customers are granted risk mitigation, shorter time to market and overall satisfaction at every turn.


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