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Vehicle Authorisation
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Authorisation support for the installation of a Speed-Sensing system

Customer: Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Review of the planned changes
  • Scheduling
  • Assessment of the changes according to risk assessment norm RTE 49100
  • Preparation of documents and expert assessment reports for submission to the Federal Rail Authority

Our Approach

The aim is to support the Gornergrat Railway by taking over the following activities:

  • Review of the planned modification based on the draft schematics, drawings and descriptions prepared by the Mat­terhorn-Gotthard Railway
  • Preparation of a schedule for the authorisation procedure
  • Provision of the documents for authorisation to the Swiss Federal Rail Authority (FOT)
    • Assessment of the changes in accordance with risk assessment regulation RTE 49100
    • Preparation and submission of all documents required for authorisation by FOT
    • Preparation of an expert report on the speed-sensing system

Customer benefit

PROSE’s support ensures that the authorisation process runs smoothly and promptly. This leads to an accelerated execution of the refit project. Reviewing the planned modifications based on draft schematics, drawings, and descriptions from the Mat­terhorn-Gotthard Railway ensures that the modifications meet the highest quality standards. The provision of all necessary documents for authorisation by the FOT, including the risk assessment per RTE 49100, ensures that all regulatory requirements are met. The preparation of an expert report on the speed sensing system promotes trust between the Gorner­grat Railway and the relevant authority, as the technical aspects of the modifications are documented in detail and professionally.

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