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Leadership Coaching and Strategy Consulting Digital Interlocking

Customer: SBB Infrastructure, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Stakeholder Management

Our Approach

PROSE is carrying out the leadership coaching and strategy consulting for the SBB project manager “EESA 3.1 – Industrialised Rollout”. The leadership coaching was conducted between the poles of the rollout implementation, defined in the directional decision, and the call for tenders, which had to be prepared concurrently. On the one hand, the time constraints associated with the implementation were addressed, which led to good progress in the conceptual and content-related work. On the other hand, the strategy consultation dealt with prioritising the tender contents, whereby the implementation of innovations and the inclusion of essential rollout requirements were subordinated to securing the contract.

Customer benefit

In addition to more minor and continuous further developments of concepts, significant successes were also achieved in some areas. From a project management perspective, the following topics deserve special attention:

  • Publication of EULYNX Baseline 4.1 with the necessary adaptations for Switzerland.
  • Concluded procurement of a proof-of-concept platform for the Object Controller to demonstrate software separation, security features and a reference implementation of the Rail Safe Transport Application (RaST).
  • Results of the first iteration in the study, “Expandability using the example of the Dagmersellen – Emmenbrücke line”, showing a cost-saving potential between 50% and 75%.
  • Make-or-buy workshop with infrastructure management

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