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Development Connection Magnetic Rail Brake Locomotive Gmf 4/4

Customer: Rhätische Bahn, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Geometric investigations
  • Risk analysis with expert opinion
  • Rough and detailed concept
  • Clearance verification (gauging)
  • Strength verification
  • Approval support

Our Approach

In the first phase, PROSE, as the developer of the motor bogie, was commissioned by the RhB with a geometric investigation, which showed that the possibility of slippage of the MTR in unfavourable situations could not be excluded. In a second phase, PROSE prepared an expert opinion describing under which conditions (operational, system characteristics, etc.) safe operation with the four service traction units Gmf 4/4 can be guaranteed until the completion of the conversion. This statement is intended as a basis for an RhB-internal risk assessment. In the last phase, PROSE developed a rough and detailed concept with gauging (clearance) and strength verification for a cross connection of the MTR arranged on both sides of the engine bogie of the locomotive Gmf 4/4. In addition, PROSE supported the customer in preparing the documents relevant for approval according to the regulation RTE 49100.

Customer benefit

Due to the detailed system knowledge of the bogie and the contribution of expertise in connection with the safety-relevant operation, the customer was able to remedy the malfunction with the most efficient measures possible. PROSE’s competence in vehicle authorisation also helped the client to submit the required documents to the Federal Office of Transport FOT in due time.

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