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Maintenance support and optimisation
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Investigation of the bogie revision to update the processes at a Swiss Federal Railways depot

Customer: Compagnie du Chemin de Fer Montreux Oberland bernois MOB, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Analysis and documentation of the current situation
  • High-level requirements definition
  • Development of variants

Our Approach

The MOB operates the approximately 10-kilometre Vevey — Les Pléiades line with adhesion and cogwheel sections. The light maintenance of the vehicles travelling on this line is carried out in Vevey. As Vevey’s workshop infrastructure is insufficient for heavy maintenance, the vehicles are transferred to other workshops. Due to the small number of vehicles, the facility in Vevey is only used for around one week per month.

To reduce the maintenance costs of the vehicles concerned, MOB would like to equip the Vevey site so that heavy maintenance can also be carried out there. PROSE was commissioned to examine how the Vevey site could be further developed to meet these requirements.

PROSE documented the site’s maintenance infrastructure. The maintenance processes were then analysed to determine what infrastructure the site would need to meet the future requirements of centralised maintenance. Finally, options were developed for further development.

Customer benefit

​The MOB received a comprehensive range of variants that took into account the current and future challenges at the site and on the Les Pléiades line. The variants were assessed in terms of requirements compliance and risks. Finally, further actions were outlined, and a concrete recommendation for the next steps was formulated.

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