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Maintenance support and optimisation, Project Management
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Examination of an updated production process of the SBB bogie revision maintenance site in Basel

Customer: SBB, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Project and stakeholder management
  • Process analysis and documentation
  • Identification and development of proposed solutions

Our Approach

Thanks to PROSE’s existing expertise in the areas of maintenance facilities, railway production and operations, the PROSE experts were able to quickly drive forward the creation of the production concept in consultation with the responsible site manager. The first step was to record the existing production process on site and define the target process for efficient handling of the production volume (technical inspection, wheelset processing). Any problems arising from the necessary changes to the feed process were analysed by the PROSE experts in consultation with the internal departments and solutions were proposed. Finally, the entire processes, systems and production equipment at the site were documented.

Customer benefit

Thanks to the PROSE experts’ existing knowledge, SBB benefited from rapid implementation of the production concept and focussed, solution-oriented processing of the identified problem areas.


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