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Automatic Train Operation

Customer: Swiss Federal Railways SBB, Infrastructure Division, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Comprehensive consulting in the area of ATO (architectures and interfaces)
  • Consulting in the area of sensor technology (LiDAR, radar, camera) and their connections
  • Consulting in the area of remote control and the necessary technology and architecture
  • Consulting in the area of track monitoring and the necessary sensor technology for GoA3 and GoA4
  • Support in international committee work
  • Preparation of the feasibility study for the automation and remote control of a defined maintenance fleet including business case
  • Preparation of tender documents (dialog procedure)
  • Exchange with other programs and projec
  • Support in cooperation with other stakeholders (industry, railroads..)

Our Approach

The first objective is to develop a technical and commercial feasibility study for the automation of a defined maintenance fleet of several vehicles. This study includes all automation scenarios (GoA2, GoA3, GoA4 and remote control). The dimensions of cost, benefit, content and schedule are determined and as a result the tender documents are prepared.

Customer benefit

With the assignment of PROSE, the customer benefits from PROSE’s extensive experience in the fields of ATO, sensor technology and architectures. The customer does not need to build up project specific resources. The conceptual and technical consulting in the field of railroad automation provided by PROSE is used reliably, efficiently and target-oriented.

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