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Signalling, Vehicle Authorisation
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ATO GoA2 over ETCS and national Class B Systems Requirements Capture and Approval Risks Analysis

Customer: Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Netherlands

Project tasks

  • Vehicle Authorisation Management and Strategy
  • Operational concepts
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Roll out Concept

Our Approach

PROSE analysed possible risks in the homologation and deployment of ATO GoA2 over ATB via STM-Module and analysed the requirements for ATO out of the TSI CCS and TSI OPE. Through analysing project risks concerning existing standards, approval processes and the target architecture, PROSE provided an in-depth analysis proposing a vehicle authorisation approach that covers the overall system level and the changes to the technical and operational subsystems. Besides an approval concept, PROSE provided a roll-out approach for ATO that mitigates safety risks related to Human-Machine-Interface.

Customer benefit

NS benefits from PROSE’s in-depth analysis and concept as an independent second opinion and the adaptation of experiences gained in other ATO projects. Due to the extensive overall system knowledge, PROSE was able to consider all relevant subsystems of railway operation and technology and deliver an NS-aligned approach.

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