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Technical Documentation, Vehicle Authorisation
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Assessment of brake problems snow clearing vehicle

Customer: ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Independent assessment of the braking performance of the snow removal vehicle ZRR10000M Trafikverket

Our approach

The task included research of existing standards and operational regulations, the investigation of the implication in case of a lining change as well as consultations with brake suppliers / operators. Based on these technical and operational data, experiences and general conditions, PROSE prepared an independent investigation and assessment of the mentioned brake problems under severe winter conditions including recommendations for action.

Customer benefit

The assessment is used for submission to the vehicle operator. With the various solutions and recommended actions adapted to the vehicle, reliable operation of the vehicle can be achieved. Thus, the customer can fulfill the obligations towards the operator. Furthermore, the report serves as a basis for the approval with corresponding argumentations, which makes it easier for the customer to appear before the registration office and the end customer.


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