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Advice on the modularisation of a functional vehicle authorisation strategy

Customer: Plasser&Theurer, Austria

Project tasks

  • Safety assessment report
  • Efficient decision-making basis for identifying significant changes
  • Optimisation in the definition of system boundaries
  • Optimisation potential in the creation of the “Requirement Capture”
  • Optimisation of the creation of the safety plan

Our Approach

PROSE offers support for a corresponding further development and optimisation of the processes. The aim was to optimise the processes and methodologies at P&T to the extent that effort is reduced and lead times can be shortened, but always in compliance with the requirements of the CSM EU VO 402/2013. The results of the workshop, including recommendations for the further procedure, were summarized by PROSE in a short report after the workshop.

Customer benefit

In a full-day workshop, Plasser&Theurer discussed in detail the necessity of a safety assessment report, efficient decision-making bases for the identification of significant changes, the design of optimisation in the definition of system boundaries, the optimisation potential in the preparation of the requirement capture and the optimisation of the preparation of the safety plan.

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