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Maintenance support and optimisation
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Verification of a maintenance shop for a new vehicle type

Customer: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) Passenger Division, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Capturing requirements
  • Checking integrability and identifying problems
  • Definition of measures
  • Project management

Our Approach

The existing infrastructure was used to check which maintenance tracks in the SA Basel were generally suitable for the RABe 512. As soon as the vehicle was available, various inspections and clarifications were carried out directly on the vehicle on the relevant tracks, together with the relevant responsible persons for facilities and occupational safety. All components were systematically analysed, and the need for modifying existing systems or additional auxiliaries was recorded.

Customer benefit

Measures were defined and handed over to the customer for implementation, particularly regarding safe access to the train head and the roof. This way, the procurement requirements for modifying the service facility were bundled before the maintenance, ensuring occupational safety and enabling efficient maintenance tasks.

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