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Technical Documentation
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PROSE Documentation services – Technical documentation

Project tasks

  • Technical writing
  • Information analysis
  • Document management
  • Review process work
  • Coordination of projects
  • Administration and management
  • Translation: Terminology management (English, German, Swedish)
  • Document management system PRO(doc)

Our Approach

PROSE assists in the creation and translation of new technical documentation, as well as revising and updating existing documents. Our technical writers help you create technical documents such as technical descriptions, maintenance manuals and spare parts lists. We review, both on the supplier and customer side, the language, structure, and contents of the technical documents, and perform quality control in line with established documentation requirements.

The technical writers produce technical documentation, working both in office and together with technicians and system engineers on site, to understand complex functioning of products and systems, thus creating clear documentation. The quality is assured through detailed checklists, verification on site and validation with the customer.

PROSE’s technical translators work with the support of professional translation software. The creation of custom dictionaries allows us to help you manage your company-specific terminology. At PROSE, we offer translation to, and from, Swedish, English and German.

We also offer our own document management system, PRO(doc). PRO(doc) is a customised online documentation management system. Developed by PROSE, it enables you to easily manage your documentation, such as technical drawings, maintenance instructions, trouble-shooting remedial actions, spare parts information and so on.

Customer benefit

PROSE has contributed to many projects by creating new technical documents, as well as by translation, review and coordination. The documents are written for train drivers, maintenance staff and training instructors, are verified on site and validated with the customer.

PROSE works both on the supplier side and on the customer side, contributing to a large amount of important documentation. Work in the depot environment ensures that complex functions are understood, to create clear documentation. This helps operators to understand the updated products and systems, ensures correct use of the products and enables and guarantees safety in maintenance work.

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