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Procurement Management, Project Management
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Support for procurement of a road-rail motor tower car

Customer: BERNMOBIL, Switzerland

Project tasks

  • Requirements management
  • Contract for work and materials as well as call for tenders
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Examination of the specifications
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Acceptance support
  • Test support FOT

Our Approach

In the tender phase BERNMOBIL engaged PROSE with requirements management, which included the preparation of the requirements specification and all other documents needed for the public request for tenders. Apart from the technical specifications, this also included work and material contracts, availability and reliability requirements, the evaluation model with assessment matrix, and general conditions for the future maintenance and support contract covering the first ten years of operation.

Customer benefit

BERNMOBIL profited from our vast, practice-oriented experience with procurement of rolling stock, as well as from our rail-specific expert knowledge. PROSE also provided access to competent and experienced contacts who could answer questions regarding the design, development, production and homologation of vehicles. The customer was also able to take advantage from the knowledge acquired by PROSE during the execution phase for all important project steps.

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