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Strength analysis (FEA simulation)

Customer: various customers

Project tasks

Development of verification concepts and load assumptions as well as performance of calculations and simulations for:

  • Car bodies according to e.g. EN 12663
  • Bogies and wheelsets according to e.g. EN 13749, EN 13261
  • Streetcars and metros according to VDV 152
  • Attachment parts according to EN 61373
  • General load assumptions from calculations, measurements and simulations for e.g. special vehicles

Static, fatigue and time strength assessment:

  • Base material and weld seams according to FKM Guideline
  • Fatigue of steel according to Eurocode 3 DIN EN 1993-1-9 and BS 7608
  • Weld seam evaluation according to DVS 1612 / DVS 1608 and IIW recommendation
  • Screw connection according to DIN 25202:1-6, VDI 2230 and Eurocode 3 DIN EN 1993-1-8
  • Cylindrical helical spring according to EN 13906

Further analyses:

  • Nonlinear and crash analyses
  • Heat transfer analyses
  • Topological optimizations
  • Eigenvalue analyses
  • Stability analyses
  • Damage analyses and repair solutions

Our Approach

Depending on the customer’s specifications, PROSE carries out strength analyses in parallel with the design in its own development team or works directly with the customer’s team. PROSE covers the entire range of the analysis from the development of the load assumptions to the modelling to the efficient execution of the calculations and simulations as well as the evaluation of the results. Based on the strength analyses, PROSE can prepare test specifications for structural tests, accompany tests and, if required, validate the strength model with the evaluation. PROSE engineers have interdisciplinary know-how also in non-railway specific problems. Furthermore, PROSE also takes over the coaching of simulation processes and supports as a neutral consultant.

Customer benefit

Through the early use of strength analyses in the design process, weak points are identified and eliminated at an early stage, costly test series are avoided and the quality of the product is decisively improved. In addition to a qualified calculation, PROSE attaches great importance to the interpretation and presentation of the results required for the customer, including explanations and, if necessary, documentation relevant for approval. Due to its great flexibility, PROSE can respond to customer requests at very short notice


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