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Safety and reliability on rails – An insight into our latest project


At PROSE,  we always strive to maximise the safety and longevity of our customers’ vehicle fleets. In our latest project, we carried out comprehensive inspections on the X60A vehicles to ensure their structural integrity.

Using non-destructive testing, including magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing, we were able to identify and document surface defects as well as internal cracks and material inhomogeneities. These thorough examinations have enabled us to precisely identify any potential weaknesses and plan targeted maintenance measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicles.

Thanks to the detailed documentation in nine inspection reports, our customer now has a clear overview of the condition of each unit in their fleet, making it easier to make informed decisions about maintenance and repair measures.

We are proud of our work to improve operational safety and support our customer in strategic planning for the long-term maintenance of their vehicle fleet. Take a look at the reference for this new project.


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